art and culture

    Entering Hotel alla Posta you will immediately notice the incredible artworks placed in every section of the hotel. Paintings and sculptures have been collected through the time to give the hotel a more classic and elegant touch. These also make it even more prestigious.

    Luciano Miniguzzi, Cesare Ronchi, Augusto Murer, Fiorenzo Tomea, Nag Arnoldi, Franco Fiabane, Nino Caffè, Piero Mosti, Antonio Buzzanca, Pio Solero, Riccardo Schweizer, Angelo Biancini, Vittorio Marchi, Walter Piacesi, Paolo Frosecchi, Lino, Dinetto, Luciano Albertini, Renato Dorigatto… These are only some of the signatures of our exhibits that represent a unique attraction of our hotel.