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Take care of your body, it is the only place where you need to live

Wellness centre

Hotel alla Posta offers to its guests to regenarate in our relax area: this is a very elegant room thanks to the prestigious materials and drawings choosen. This is a unique environment where to realx.
We offer:
  • swimmingpool
  • gym
  • sauna
  • steam bath room
  • jacuzzi
  • icefall
  • relaxing beds
  • massage room
Offriamo i migliori

trattamenti di massaggi

In order to fully enjoy your wellness day it is possible to book your massage in our wood made room.

Swedish massage 25 or 50 minutes

This is a relaxing massage which will blend techniques from Swedish and Asian tradition with the goal to relax the body as well as quiet the mind and enhance the senses. Using natural oil, this massage will activate the circulation and help the body to eliminate toxins bringing back vitality and a general sense of wellbeing by helping to overcome tiredness caused by daily stress.

Sport Massage 50 or 25 minutes

This massage will focus on the muscles worked out while skiing, riding a bike or hiking. The goal is to revitalize fatigued muscles helping to release lactic acid facilitating the natural recovery for the next workout. Pressure can be regulated accordingly.

Head and neck massage 15 minutes

This is a relaxing massage which focuses on the head and neck area. During this massage the whole scalp will be activated and released from tension. There will be a relaxing facial massage as well as a gentle neck and shoulder release to complete this short but effective treatment.

Intuitive Massage 25 o 50 minutes

This massage bases itself upon understanding the receiver’s state and consequently utilizing the most appropriate technique to release tension related to stress, practiced sports or current pain.

SHIATSU’s acupressure is applied with the aim of rebalancing the body combining it with Polarity Therapy which helps to induce relaxation through soft touch facilitating the process of tension release. This treatment is received comfortably dressed (wearing comfortable clothes) and oil is not applied.

Shiatsu Massage 25 or 50 minutes

Shiatsu belongs to the traditional oriental disciplines just like Yoga, Acupuncture and herbal medicine.

This treatment consists of the use of acupressure over the entire body following precise meridian lines with the goal of restoring the correct flow of energy promoting the release of tension and psycho-physical stress helping the whole body to find a state of balanced and well-being.

This treatment is received comfortably dressed (wearing comfortable clothes) and oil is not applied.


50 minutes 75 euro | 25 minutes 50 euro | 15 minutes 25 euro

For reservations, please contact the Front Desk:

tel: +39 0437 721171
email: info@hotelposta.com