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The staff

Hotel alla Posta

The staff

Our employees are the pillars of the services we offer to our clients. They are the ones who first interact with them transfering the imprinting of our philosophy.
The cornerstones of the different divisions of our hotel collaborate with us since many years ago. To them are devolved our family’s values.

We are a big team of people that share, achievements, satisfactions and challanges everyday. Always with the same passion and dedication.

Following, only some of the people that stayed with us putting all their passion and love for this job: the pastry chef Mario Nicolai, the chefs Roberto and Fabrizio Dellea, Daniele Cattonar. The receptionists Nicola De Toni e Michele Pramaor. For the restaurant Aurora Fontanive, Tommaso Sito, Makaly Sokol e Eliseo Cal.
In the bar – pastry shop Ingrid Hofer e Jolanda Maklay.
The night managers Ernesto Campagnoli e Michele Pinié.